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A Guide to software for Technics Keyboards, Digital Pianos and Organs

What it is, what it does and what it can do for you

Unless you are some kind of professional music maker, the chances are that you bought your Technics instrument simply so that you could sit at home with it and play a few of your favourite tunes. No doubt the sales facilitator showed you just how easy it was going to be to make some great sounds just by pressing a few buttons (which you've never quite been able to find since you got the thing home), and that in no time at all you'll sound as good as any Pro!

Well back in the real world, what tends to happen is that you'll have a bit of a play around for a while, find a few nice sounds and rhythms which become established not necessarily as your favourites but ones that don't sound too bad, and more importantly, you know where they are. So now you have a comfort zone that, like a habit, becomes quite difficult to break. And on top of all that, you've got to play a tune as well! At the very least, using anything from the range of dedicated Technote software will expand your comfort zone and more importantly will help you get back to the reason that you bought the instrument in the first place… to play a few tunes.

The musicians who create Technote software have the kind of knowledge and expertise that only comes from years of experience working with instruments like yours and their brief is to create software that will make the notes and chords played by someone with a modest technique sound professional.

If this appeals to you then read on ...

There are six different kinds of software each designed to aid and enhance your performance

  • General patterns and registrations
  • Patterns and registrations for specific songs
  • ‘Playalong' patterns, registrations and sequences
  • Sequenced accompaniment and printed music book
  • Performance Pads

Here are some general points

  • All pattern-based software requires only a modest technique
  • There is a specific software version of most titles for your instrument
  • There are ten styles or songs on each disk (some have more)
  • No previous experience is necessary

The whole point of Technote software is to try and help make whatever you play sound better by using the features that you already have. Software doesn't add anything new to your instrument, it just uses it the way that the designers intended and it really can make the difference between sounding like an amateur music maker and an experienced musician.

Let's take a more detailed look at the different software types.

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